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Committed to Excellence

Phoenix Ecology was founded by Dr Hannah Mueller in 2022 to provide expert services for ecological assessments and management. Our key focus is to develop creative solutions to environmental challenges that work with nature's principles, not against them. We find key areas where win-win scenarios are possible, providing pragmatic approaches to projects that lead to positive ecological outcomes.   The consultancy provides services such as ecological effects assessments, ecological management plans, survey design, expert witness and hearing support, independent peer review, and policy advice.    Hannah's expertise covers restoration ecology, wetland ecology, freshwater ecosystems and lake restoration, integrated catchment management, ecosystem services, as well as bat, avifauna and lizard ecology. Hannah is a Certified Environmental Practitioner (CEnvP) and a member of the Environment Institute Australia and New Zealand, the New Zealand Freshwater Sciences Society, and the New Zealand Ecological Society.

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